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Workshop: Building Homemade Musical Instruments

May 24, 2014 @ 11:00 pm

Registrations are closed.

Workshop instructor: Ben Miller (NYC)

Workshop fee: $35 ($42 if you would like to make a marimba, $50 if you would like to make a wood plank electronic guitar)

Benjamin Miller’s Workshop informs students on the basic principal of sound vibration by building a variety of homemade musical instruments. Using books by Bart Hopkins from www.windworld.com, he helps attendees understand and build Rubber-band Guitars, Straw Oboes, Bobby Pin Marimbas, PVC flutes, Tin Can Drum Sets, Rice Maracas, various Percussion Mallets, 6-string Wood Plank Guitars, and more. Miller engages discussion on Composition, Open-ended Improvisation and Intuitive Listening. Attendees, Musicians and non-Musicians of All Ages, have Fun creating new sounds and recording them for posterity. Miller also shares his active and diverse musical background over the past four decades.