About Us

Our Vision

We strive to create an inclusive and accessible creative community by facilitating experimentation with digital media and electronic tools.

Our Mission

The Fuse Factory is an art and technology initiative that facilitates practical and critical engagement with performance, sound and visual arts, high and low technologies, and new media. We function as an incubator for innovation, interaction, collaboration, analysis, multiformity, and artistic exploration.

Our Team

The Fuse Factory owes its existence to a cadre of talented, enthusiastic people passionate about building an organization devoted to engaging the people of central Ohio in a fusion of art, technology, and science.

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Our Frequency Fridays series, touring musician, artist-in-residence, education/outreach, and annual exhibition programs are made possible through the generous support of foundations, granting organizations, and individual donors. Our supporters and granters include The Greater Columbus Arts Council, the Columbus City Council, the Columbus Mayor, Franklin County Commissioners, the Ohio Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, New Music USA, mediaThe Foundation, the Danny Toffey Foundation, and the Columbus Foundation. We have also received support from Founders FactoryTaivaraBig Kitty Labs, the Columbus College of Art & Design, the Ohio State University Department of Art, and the Ohio State University-Mansfield.

You can also support us through the Kroger Community Rewards program! All you need to do is click on the link and follow the instructions on the webpage. When searching for our organization, please enter FUSE FACTORY (THE), or our NPO number: TS936. If you have any issues with enrolling in Kroger Community Rewards online, you can also enroll by calling them at 1-800-837-4483.

In 2017, we were granted membership to the Electronic Frontier Alliance, a grassroots network of community and campus organizations across the United States working to educate our neighbors about the importance of digital rights. As a member organization of the EFA, we believe that technology should support the intellectual freedom at the heart of a democratic society. In the digital age, that entails advancing:

  • Free Expression: People should be able to speak their minds to whoever will listen.
  • Security: Technology should be trustworthy and answer to its users.
  • Privacy: Technology should allow private and anonymous speech, and allow users to set their own parameters about what to share with whom.
  • Creativity: Technology should promote progress by allowing people to build on the ideas, creations, and inventions of others.
  • Access to Knowledge: Curiosity should be rewarded, not stifled. We uphold these principles by fighting for transparency and freedom in culture, code, and law.
  • Educating the next generation, the general public, and creative professionals through hands-on workshops, classes, demonstrations, training sessions and lectures
  • Serving as a conduit between artists experimenting with technology and the community through the hosting of exhibitions, performances, and online information and resources
  • Providing support to emerging and established artists by providing access to equipment and technology, residency programs, and professional development initiatives
  • Partnering with a diverse network of local and national new media and art organizations and businesses

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