Artist-in-residence series

Our residency program supports Columbus based experimental musicians and digital artists working at the forefront of the local creative music and art fields. This residency has two purposes. The first is to provide these musicians and artists with a flexible, functional space, a platform, and a network to help develop their work and careers. The second is to expose other Columbus-based practitioners and audiences to a variety of processes and working methods through a series of performances, and to encourage an exchange of ideas and approaches that will have a long-term impact on the local scene.

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Frequency Fridays

Frequency Fridays is our monthly series devoted to experimental, improvised, genre-transcending, harder-to-describe music and sound art. While most of our performers incorporate electronic or digital technology into their work in some form or fashion, the series’ primary purpose is widely inclusive: to audaciously expose our audience to sound in all of its cultural manifestations, with explorations of technology as a subtext (albeit as a very important subtext). Our performers are selected based on their intense, unique approach to music and sound; their approach may be rooted in dramatic intensity, humor, specially designed instruments, originality, rawness, and/or borderline superhuman instrumental technique.

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Touring artists program

Throughout the year we organize shows for touring experimental and electronic musicians, improvisers, composers, and sound artists from around the US and abroad. These shows take place at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center and the Old First Presbyterian Church. We often recruit performers from our touring musician program to take part in Frequency Fridays. Those interested in booking a show with us are encouraged to contact our Executive Director via email.

Past Events

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