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Performance: Elka Bong (NY) + T & T (CMH) + Ann B Klorox (CLE)

October 2, 2016 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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The Fuse Factory is proud to present Al Margolis and Walter Wright’s duo project Elka Bong (NY), alt-folk guitarist T & T (CMH), and experimental electronic musician Ann B Klorox (CLE). Doors 8pm, suggested donation $5-$10. All ages, BYOB.

About the performers

Elka Bong is Al Margolis and Walter Wright. Al Margolis (viola/violin/clarinet) was active in the 1980s American cassette underground through his cassette label Sound of Pig Music and is co-founder of experimental music label Pogus Productions, which he continues to run. Active under the name If, Bwana since 1984, his works swing between fairly spontaneous studio constructions and more process-oriented composition. It has been said “that Al Margolis/If, Bwana is some sort of evil genius working with raw materials which are never adapted to a genre or a context, because they create one in that very moment. Those sources are radically altered up to an utterly unrecognizable state, anarchic manifestations moving in compact determination.” It’s all true…

Walter Wright (small electronics/amplified drum kit) is an interdisciplinary artist; his practice includes computer programming, electro-acoustic music, and video performance. His focus is on “improvisation as a way of being present in the world.” Wright was one of the first video animators. At Computer Image Corp he animated letters, words, and titles for Children’s Television Workshop. He was a video animator for Ed Emshwiller’s Thermogenesis and Scapemates, aired by WNET’s Artists Television Workshop. Scapemates was the first computer graphics video nominated for an Emmy Award (1971). He showed his work at the first computer art conference at the Kitchen (NYC, 1973). In 1973-76, as artist-in-residence at the Experimental Television Center, he pioneered video performance touring public access centers, colleges, and galleries with the Paik/Abe Video Synthesizer. Wright has developed software and hardware for artists including the Video Shredder, a desktop video processor for the TARGA2K. Currently he works with Max/MSP, softVNS, and Processing. His programs and sketches are available on his blog – nohtv.wordpress.com Wright performs with several groups including LOS CONDENADOS, Egregoros, and ensemble inedit. He plays a Bugbrand Board Weevil, a Flower Electronics Little Blue Boy, contact mics by Crank Sturgeon, drums and percussion. He recently toured with an amplified drum kit and is experimenting Martin Freeman’s Horndog and Peter Blasser’s Shnth. Wright is a co-founder of 119 Gallery, the first digital art gallery on the World Wide Web, located in Lowell MA.

T & T began as 4-track recording project in 2005. Though T & T occasionally expands to include other musicians, they perform and record mostly solo, with a soulful croon that relates stories both mournful and beautiful. The music has a timeless, folk-noir feel; one gets the sense that these songs are beings of their own accord, birthed by magic into the air. The guitarwork is deliberate but takes its time, weaving through the songs’ intimate narratives with confident ease.

Ann B Klorox is a one woman band of Voice, Vowel, Nostril & Analog Synthesizer & other ready noisemakers.