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Performance: Attorneys General (MD) + Jeanne Vomit-Terror (KY) + Keith Hanlon (CMH)

March 18, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

$6.19 – $8

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On the evening of Friday March 18, we are proud to present Attorneys General (MD), Jeanne Vomit-Terror (KY), and Keith Hanlon (CMH). Doors 7:00pm, show begins at 7:30pm. Performance will take place in the Cultural Arts Center 3rd floor classroom. $6.19 prepaid ($5 + $1.19 TicketTailor processing fee), $8 at the door.

Covid protocols: All attendees must wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. We will provide K95 masks at the door. We kindly request that audience members refrain from bringing food and drinks into the space.

About the artists:

Attorneys General is a project led by Matthew Byars of DC-based band The Caribbean. A formative experience for Byars as a listener was hearing the work of soundman Martin Swope of Mission of Burma on their seminal 1985 live record, The Horrible Truth About Burma, in which Swope, using a reel-to-reel tape machine, captured, looped, manipulated, and destroyed elements of the band’s sound in spontaneous and unexpected ways. Byars has adapted this approach to having three-four people (different players every time, mostly) generate utterly improvised sound through a mixing board he controls, which allows him to capture, loop, manipulate, and destroy the sounds they create. Results vary from the transcendent to the disastrous, but the inherent risk involved is, ultimately, the point. These are sounds to be played more than listened to.

C’est moi, Jeanne, your faithful Matériel Girl, intrepid Quixotrix, Tickler of MIDI Creatures, Emissary of the Resonant Hole: making the ultraparadoxical possible since 2009. Ex-Hair Police.

Keith Hanlon has released ambient drone music under the name DOT, computer-based music under the name Zapruder Red, and soundtrack work under his own name. His latest album, “An Eternity of This” came out in 2020.