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February 2016 Frequency Fridays: XAMBUCA (NC) + Tiger Village (CLE) + Jeff Chenault & David Reed (CMH) + Ryan Kuehn (CLE)

February 5, 2016 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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Our February 2016 Frequency Fridays show features multimedia collective XAMBUCA (NC), experimental electronic musicians Jeff Chenault and David Reed (CMH), experimental solo project Tiger Village (CLE), and sound/video artist Ryan Kuehn (CLE). Date: Friday, February 5 2016. Location: It Looks Like It’s Open (13 E. Tulane Av., 43202). Admission: $10, $15 for 2. Doors open 8pm. BYOB, all ages. Our Frequency Fridays 2015-2016 season is supported by a grant from the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

About the performers:

XAMBUCA is a fictional group with no face or leader. Most of its product thus far is vapor, and will remain unavailable to the public. All accounts of its claimed existence is based on false sightings, rumors and here say. XAMBUCA does not really exist in the material space time continuum. Instead, XAMBUCA conceptually feeds on the subconscious figment of a host’s imagination; a host that has a tendency to encounter its name or symbols in passing by mere coincidence. XAMBUCA owns an aspect of yourself as you have decided to be exposed to it and there is no turning back now…. you MUST watch and listen.

Ryan Kuehn is a sound and video artist, DJ, collector and archivist from Cleveland. Notable involvements over the years include Thursday Club, Dead Peasant Insurance, Hot Air Balloon Ride and his Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman solo project. With thirty some solo releases under his belt, the project is constantly evolving, never staying in one spot for too long- although the heart of the project lies in the balance betweem the ultra-serious and the downright absurd, sometimes at the same time. He has released some seventy-plus releases on his “Everyone Else Has A Record Label So Why Can’t I?” Imprint-with some familiar names in the catalog. Over the past dozen years or so, he has amassed an ever growing collection of audio and video documenting all things weird to come into Cleveland, with literally hundreds and hundreds of audio and video recordings on his MegaSuperNoise youtube channel and the Thursday Club website. You can catch his weekly radio show, The Record Exchange, on WCSB in Cleveland or on the web. His newest release is called Quinnertronics: The Force Awakens and is available for free at drquinnmedicinewoman.bandcamp.com with a limited 3 inch cd-r forthcoming.

Tiger Village is a project by Lakewood, Ohio producer Tim Thornton. Using an immensely controllable form of MIDI sequencing and tape loops, the music is built from improvisation. Synths and drum machines swirl around each other, locking in and out of sync. Dynamics, keys & tempos can quickly shift. The resulting music ranges from meditative drones to pulsating barrages of 1/128th notes, often in the same piece.