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Performance: Divine Circles + Elisa Faires + Sun Thief

May 10, 2014 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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On Friday May 10 we are proud to feature experimental electronics/violinist Divine Circles (NC), ambient musician/vocalist Elisa Faires (NC), and experimental electronic musician Sun Thief (CMH). Date: Friday, May 10, 2014. Location: It Looks Like Its Open (13 E. Tulane Ave. Columbus OH 43202). Admission: $5. Doors open 7pm.

About the performers:

Divine Circles is the solo venture of Meghan Mulhearn. A songwriter and violinist who writes and performs with a number of musical projects, including U.S. Christmas, Judas Horse, Lunar Creature, Meghanz, and Critics, she has also been a featured collaborator on many releases in a wide array of genres. Mulhearn is known for pushing the boundaries of traditional string playing, exploring the violin’s potential as an instrument beyond composition. In her pieces, she uses effects and electronics, creates multiple loops, makes beats on the body of the instrument, employs novel techniques in plucking and strumming and uses the violin body as a vocal resonator. Her unique approach invokes haunting, visceral and textural elements, often unrecognizable as originating from a violin.Recently, Mulhearn finished a long-form piece, “26 Minutes” for a cassette split with the drone artist Villages, which was released by the experimental boutique tape label Hooker Vision in spring of 2013. Her solo LP, Oblivion Songs, described by one reviewer as “a beautiful collection of intimate and experimental songcraft filtered through the Appalachian dusk,” was released by Paradigms Recordings in late 2013. Current plans include regional Southeast US tour dates, west coast US residency with Elisa Faires, UK/Europe dates and continued collaborations and touring with Inter Arma, Owlfood, Generation of Vipers and others.

Elisa Faires is an artist that has been singing since the age of 8. Her early beginnings were rooted in choral singing. In college she studied opera and classical music as well as electronic music. One of her teachers was Dr. Robert Moog. Since then she has performed and recorded with several different projects such as Astral Magick Soundtrack, Paw of Zing, Imaginary Numbers, Squeegy-G, The Wood Bunnies, and now Xambuca. For the past few years she has been experimenting with vocals and harmonies using multitracking, loops, effects, and electronics. She has had a few sound installations and live sound installations of her piece “Photosynthesis” for The Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center. She composes music as well for Butoh dance and movement and performance art. She has composed and played for Butoh Legacy Asheville, Anemone Dance Theater, and Cilla Vee Life Arts. Though she has been recording and performing music for most of her life with various others and including herself in countless projects, Elisa has completed her debut solo album entitled ‘Elixir No .444., which she’s worked on for years As the title implies, Elisa turns her vocals into an elixir of ‘aural alchemy’ where one hears a plethora of vocal ambient textures and visceral sonic landscapes.

Sun Thief is the experimental/drone/glitch project of Adam Wetterhan. Wetterhan formerly released an album under the name Shadowclast on en:peg digital. Shadowclast was an investigation into hyperactive melodic, post-industrial IDM in the hymen records / n5MD axis. Sun Thief eschews most (if not all) of the traits of the Shadowclast material, focusing on drawn out gauzy atmospheres that are equal parts ‘gaze and glitch, focusing on wisps of melody, damaged sound, fragility and heaviness, sound both damaged and pure. There is no rulebook for the Sun Thief material – any and all sound sources may be implemented, from purely electronic and synthetic construction to happenstance field recordings as well as guitar, harmonica and piano.