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Performance: Bennett/Welcome/Weinberg (NYC) + Istvan Medgyesi (CLE) + MWF (CMH) + Prom (CMH)

April 14, 2017 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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On the evening of Friday, April 14th we are proud to present the Bennett/Welcome/Weinberg improv trio (NYC), experimental musician/sitar player Istvan Medgyesi (CLE), electronic musician/producer and vinyl DJ Contrast Music/MWF (CMH), and Kasandra Zguta’s experimental electronic music solo project Prom (CMH). The performance will take place at the It Looks Like Its Open gallery (13 E. Tulane Rd, cmh 43202). Admission: $5. Doors 8pm. BYOB, all ages.

About the performers:

From sparse chamber-jazz to spastic avant-metal, Chris Welcome lends his unique voice to a variety of ensembles. He has performed with HOT DATE, Apocalypso, Mothguts, Mike Pride’s Drummer’s Corpse, his own quartet, and many others. As a composer, he has written extensively for his quartet and for various chamber ensembles. His compositions combine space and pointillism with extended techniques, electronics and a loose, Jazz sensibility. Chris Welcome attended Rutgers University where he studied closely with Vic Juris, Stanley Cowell, and Ralph Bowen. He was born in 1980 in New York and grew up in the Chicago area where he studied guitar with Frank Portolese. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Ben Bennett is an improvising percussionist who plays drums, membranes, and self-made instruments, which are combined with each other in various mutable arrangements, and played by striking, friction, breath, and other techniques. Although his instrument and music could both be described as unorthodox, they retain the essence of the drumset, and are a distillation of diverse musical traditions. He has toured North America and Europe, playing with different groups, ad-hoc collaborations, and solo.

Sam Weinberg is a Brooklyn based saxophonist, improviser and composer whose playing ranges from the textural and timbral to slippery and melodic. With equal footing in non-idiomatic free improvisation, free jazz, and notated musics, Weinberg attempts to push the language and capacity of the saxophone beyond its usual, assumed limits.

Istvan Medgyesi: Inspired by a wide range of music, you can hear the echoes of an array of American musical traditions intertwined with modal explorations and occasional forays into noise and drone.

Prom, an experimental electronic/dark ambient solo project of Kasandra Zguta, has been described as an aural arsenal of eerie vibes, consisting of gloomy, haunting soundscapes and conjuring up otherworldly realms residing in the darkest recesses of the imagination.

Jed James (Electronic music producer & vinyl Dj) – Contrast music/Midwest Fresh: By using granular sample manipulation & budget electronics he creates melodic yet disjointed soundscapes that have an otherworldly feel to them. Rhythms shift in & out of phase leaving room for texture & melody that seem to have no exact point of origin/order. Influences include Oval, Pierre Henry, Autechre, Gerald Donald, Ectomorph, Brian Eno, Deathly fighter, Burzum, Aphex Twin, pole & two lone swordsman to name a few.