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Basic Concepts in Free-Form Improvisation: Creative Conversations or Tower of Babel?

April 8, 2017 @ 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

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About the workshop

As musicians we engage in intentional non-verbal communication on a regular basis. Often, when performing a solo improvisation – while we may play off audience cues – we are, for all practical purposes, giving a musical monologue. In a collaborative free form improvisation we move into a direct, spontaneous dialog with other musicians. We are responsible for listening and responding in ways that communicate, engage and inspire each other and the audience.

The intention of this workshop is to examine some of the ways we can carry on spontaneous, meaningful musical conversations with each other in the absence of traditional musical structures. During the workshop we will be doing exercises, making music and discussing various techniques to promote musical communication including: creating a cohesive ensemble, active listening and interpretation, identifying and using motifs, emotional intimacy, purpose of ego, opportunities from the unconscious.

While it’s not mandatory, participants are encouraged to bring a simple instrument. If you are unable to bring an instrument, I invite you to consider the human body and voice as acoustic instruments. Most importantly, bring an open heart and mind.

About the instructor

Charles Shriner currently lives in Indianapolis, IN and has been a full time musician for over 40 years and trained facilitator of Jungian based experiential emotional work for 15 years.