Date(s) - December 05, 2015
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

it looks like its open

Instructor: Bhob Rainey
Workshop fee: $37.50

SuperCollider is a powerful environment for sound synthesis and algorithmic composition, but many newcomers encounter a steep learning curve. This hands-on workshop will get you up and running with SuperCollider, exploring classic synthesis techniques and, tying into the previous lecture, implementing some sonification strategies. Attendees will get a sense of what particular strengths SuperCollider has in comparison to Max/MSP, PD, etc.

No previous experience with electronics, computer programming, or playing an instrument is required, although some experience with sound editing is helpful. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring a pair of headphones and a laptop with SuperCollider installed.

Introduction to SuperCollider
Introduction to SuperCollider
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