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Workshop: Looper Pedals for Live Performance Part I

October 22, 2016 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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About the workshop

In this two-part workshop, Kevin Holland teaches participants how to utilize looper pedals as serious live performance tools by deconstructing what goes into a successful looping session. Attendees learn a simple method that codifies the four main stages of live looping. Kevin discusses the pitfalls most likely encountered while crafting live loops, and reveals the secrets to sonic success learned from years of live improvised solo looping performances.

Part one (10/22)

Kevin will go over the basics of the looper pedal, discuss the four main stages of live looping, and help attendees ensure a solid looping foundation to build upon in a live setting.

Part two (11/12)

Kevin will build upon the foundation discussed in part one, and delve into more advanced tricks and techniques to create unique live sonic tapestries.


Your instrument, a looper pedal, and a small amplifier.

(NOTE: if you are interested in taking this workshop but do not have a looper of your own, we will have a very limited number of loopers available. If you would like to use our looper for the workshop, please contact Alison Colman, Fuse Factory executive director.)

About the instructor

Kevin P. Holland (sineqube) is a classically trained musician, artist, software engineer, and educator. He has written 700+ pieces of music, shipped seven music applications written in Max/MSP, helped develop and ship six iOS apps, and co-created the NTH Music Synthesizer and Luminth Generative Music System at NTHSynth, LLC. Kevin has taught private music lessons for 20 years, and offers workshops on improvisation and live looping through jandkmusic.com. He has worked in various genres including classical, jazz, blues, punk, rock, ambient, electronic, and experimental, and has scored for film, television, web, and video games. Kevin’s current work focuses on improvised live looping using electric guitar.