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Workshop: Introduction to breadboard electronics: Making a low power amp

June 24, 2017 @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

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About the workshop

In this class, you will get an introduction to electronic components used in the kit and a rough idea of how they work in the circuit with the use of a breadboard. You will build a low power amp that can be used as a speaker for your favorite tunes or as a guitar amp.

The student will receive a low-power amp kit containing all electronic components, auxiliary cable, adaptor, and 9 volt battery.

The student will learn about the schematics of the breadboard as well as receive information about the schematics of the circuit discussed: low power amp kit. The student will test it out the circuit using the auxiliary cable and adaptor with their phone/music player. A guitar and input cable will be available if a student would like to test their kit as an amplifier. The kit will also contain a piezo where the student can make a contact mic/pick up.

This project will open up electric audio/sound possibilities for a number of applications that include amplifier building and electrifying instruments with a simple pick up. This project will also introduce the student to reading schematic diagrams and using them to build circuits.

About the Instructor

Kevin Cardoso is an analog hacker at heart and this nature has driven him to explore a variety of art forms that include wood, metal, paper, clay, music, and electronics. As a creative arts therapist, he has experience teaching people of various age groups and abilities. He feels that patience and flexibility is an important approach to help people loosen up, learn, engage with the process, and find satisfaction with their work.