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Virtual workshop: Introduction to Physical Computing with P5js and the Makey Makey

April 18, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - May 2, 2021 @ 3:30 pm

Registrations are closed.

Ever wanted to use a banana to play music or touch a plant to type hello? If so, this workshop is for you! This class introduces participants to the basics of physical computing with the Makey Makey and P5js. It will cover:

  • Coding text-based interactive multimedia programs in P5js
  • Using the Makey Makey as your mouse and keyboard to physically interact with your programs
  • Introduction to coding more advanced interactive multimedia projects utilizing physical input
  • Introduction to custom coding your Makey Makey
  • Additional resources for continued exploration of creative coding, P5js, and the Makey Makey

We will use Openprocessing’s online classroom along with Zoom to program collaboratively during the workshop. We also will share sketches through Openprocessing’s classroom portal.

Previous coding or P5js experience is helpful but not required. No prior experience with the Makey Makey is needed. Participants must have a Makey Makey, a computer with a USB port* and an internet connection. Makey Makey’s are available at local big box stores and online. You can also purchase from the makers at https://makeymakey.com/products/makey-makey-kit

About P5js: P5js is a free, open-source multimedia javascript coding framework based on Processing. It is a fun way to learn the basics of programming with text-based code and a good way to learn standard coding protocols that will apply to your future programming adventures! http://p5js.org

About Openprocessing: Openprocessing.org is an online platform for artwork coded in P5js. You do not need to install or download anything to start coding at openprocessing. By attending this online class, you will have access to free storage for your projects. http://openprocessing.org

About the Makey Makey: Makey Makey is the brainchild of two very creative MIT students. It is a user friendly micro-controller with touchpads, programmed to work out of the box with your computer. It allows you to easily use any conductive material in a circuit: fruits, vegetables, pencil drawings, and playdoh! http://makeymakey.com

*NOTE: the older version of USB, the USB 2.0, is recommended. If you have a USB 3.0, it may not work. For more information about this, please visit: https://makeymakey.com/blogs/how-to-instructions/first-time-set-up-basic-how-to-guide