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The Science of Sound: Community-based sound collaboration: Creating and defining the artifact

February 12, 2020 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


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About the workshop

This workshop encourages critical thinking from participants and open opportunities to learn from one another – all while engaging in the process of playing music and recording. (The workshop is open to all – no previous experience with a musical instrument or music production is required.)

Explore the concept of Musical Artifacts – recording sound for the purpose of journaling, excavating, restructuring, creating and destroying. When we record something we are documenting a moment – or the process of the moment. The workshop instructors will provide live and digital instruments, along with loopers, effects pedals, and basic music production gear; participants may bring their own instruments, but this is optional.

In this introductory hands-on workshop, participants will:

  • Receive an introduced to sampling and recording techniques through community-based improvisation and audio journaling.
  • Work together and support one another in creating a community-based recording.
  • Come away with a recording of a complete song built from the manipulated sounds generated during the improvisation session

About the Science of Sound workshop series

The primary purposes of this series is to provide introductory-level, hands-on instruction in electronic music making over a range of approaches and to demystify electronic music and electronic music composition. This workshop series is not centered around learning specific technologies or electronic music generating equipment as such, or learning the newest technologies for their own sake; instead, they will learn how to learn new tools. Particular technologies and applications introduced in the series will play a supporting role in teaching participants the fundamentals of sound and the physics of sound as it pertains to experimental and electronic music making.

This workshop series is divided into four sections covering the various approaches contemporary electronic musicians and composers take regarding the technologies they prefer to utilize:

  • Fundamentals of physics, mathematics and music
  • Using the iPad to make music
  • Introduction to coding and open source computer applications
  • Exploring electronic music equipment and gear (pedals, controllers, field recording equipment, etc.)

This workshop series is supported by an Arts Partnership grant from the Ohio Arts Council.

About the Instructors

Kevin Cardoso is an analog hacker at heart and this nature has driven him to explore a variety of art forms that include wood, metal, paper, clay, music, and electronics. As a creative arts therapist, he has experience teaching people of various age groups and abilities. He feels that patience and flexibility is an important approach to help people loosen up, learn, engage with the process, and find satisfaction with their work.

Ben Turner is a musician and songwriter, and these interests have driven him to embrace the manipulation of sound in the home recording studio. He is a music therapist, with a background in various age groups and populations. He attended the College of Wooster and the Cleveland Music Therapy Consortium. He believes that improvisation and audio recording are great platforms for embracing innate musicality, and integrating the head and the heart.