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Performance: Sam Weinberg/Henry Fraser (NYC) + Central Inhabitants (CMH) + Chris Weldon (CMH)

May 19, 2017 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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On Friday, May 19th we are proud to present experimental/improvisational duo Sam Weinberg (sax) and Henry Fraser (bass), Jeff Chenault’s (electronics) experimental/electronic/dark ambient solo project Central Inhabitants, and experimental electroacoustic musician Chris Weldon (cello, percussion, electronics). Date: Friday, May 19 2017. Location: It Looks Like It’s Open (13 E. Tulane Rd., 43202). Admission: $5. Doors open 8pm. BYOB, all ages.

About the performers:

Sam Weinberg is a Brooklyn based saxophonist, improviser and composer whose playing ranges from the textural and timbral to slippery and melodic. With equal footing in non-idiomatic free improvisation, free jazz, and notated musics, Weinberg attempts to push the language and capacity of the saxophone beyond its usual, assumed limits. Current outfits include Maestro Day, a group he co-leads with bassist Henry Fraser (along w Joe Moffett) which explores novel forms of composition, structure and group interaction; W-2 with synthesizist Chris Welcome, an abrasive, rhythmically contorted noise duo. Other collaborations and projects are many and varied and include the likes of Ben Bennett, Jaimie Branch, Andrew Smiley, Jason Nazary, and Weasel Walter. He founded Renfusa Records in the summer of 2016 which puts out limited-run cassette and CD-R releases of his music and that of his friends.

Henry Fraser is a bassist, composer, and improviser from Boston, MA. He received his B.F.A. from New England Conservatory of Music in the spring of 2014, where he studied with Cecil McBee, John McNeil, Anthony Coleman, & Ted Reichman. Henry’s unique combination of versatility and decisiveness has made him a vital contributor to a new, urgent, scene of musicians working in New York. Current projects include Chris Pitsiokos’, Cutout Lover, and Brandon Seabrook’s large ensemble, Die Trommel Fatale.

Jeff Chenault (aka Central Inhabitants) has been involved in the Columbus electronic music scene since 1983. His early experiments were unannounced noise improvisations. In the late 80′s, he founded the Exoteque Music label and would release over 60 cassettes of original music. His multiple collaborations include James Towning of Fact 22, Mark Gunderson of the Evolution Control Committee, Andy Izold of 10-Speed Guillotine, and Chris Phinney of Mental Anguish. In 1989 he formed the influential cyberpunk band 10-Speed Guillotine with Andy Izold. They would go on to record a plethora of recordings under various names and styles over a 20 year period. In 1994 Jeff formed the Weird Lovemakers with Mark Gunderson and Greg Fernandez. Their musical style ranged from electronic lounge to film soundtracks. They performed “live” soundtracks for such movies as Nosferatu, Leaves from Satan’s Book, and most notably Maya Deren’s surrealist film Meshes of the Afternoon, performed at the Wexner Center for the Arts. Jeff’s current projects include Circuitry Room, with Andy Izold and longtime friend and collaborator Dan Rockwell as well as collaborations with John M Bennett, Mike Shiflet, Hal McGee, Virani, Squid and others. Dark ambient soundscapes, hypnotic rhythms and psychedelic jungle sounds are his current fetish.

Chris Weldon has spent the past 40 years choosing some sound sources, making some sounds, and building from there. He performs solo and with others, combining electronic and acoustic instruments. He creates sounds that are both pleasing and antagonistic. Lately, he has been playing with a 1/2 size cello, a 28″ gong and a looper, some effects and random other instruments. He is a good cook, too.