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Using Piezo-Electrics and Looping as Music Composition Tools

April 7, 2018 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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About the workshop

The workshop will cover the use of piezo-electric transducers to capture sounds from traditional and non-traditional music sources, including conventional acoustic musical instruments as well as found objects. Participants will learn how a piezo works and how to apply them. From there, captured sounds will be manipulated into audio loops via hardware and software. These loops (sometimes called “stems”) will then be used to construct sonic layers. This layering technique is the basis for a variety of modern musical genre including drone, noise wall and other experimental musical forms and types.

Each participant will be given a piezo transducer to keep and will have access to numerous effect processors to learn the techniques. Participants are encouraged to bring their own effect pedals, laptops, tablets and production software, though that is not a requirement. Related topics such as using an audio mixer, multiple effects, analog vs. digital techniques will be covered to a depth appropriate to the level of experience of those participating.

Participants do not require a professional musical background – they only need to be interested in expanding their knowledge of music and sonic arts.

About the instructor

Tim Kaiser is well known in the atmospheric experimental music scene for his blending of acousto-electric contraptions and Frankenstein electronics to create ethereal, layered drones. His sonic landscapes have been called “experiments in adventurous art” and “eclectic genius” by the likes of Make Magazine, Wired, the New Art Examiner and the Associated Press. Mr. Kaiser was featured on the PBS program MakeTV and has headlined numerous experimental music festivals in the US.