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In-person workshop/masterclass: The Intersection of Global Music, Improvisation, and Technology

April 15, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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In this workshop/masterclass, instructor Ravish Momin offers a highly engaging and age appropriate session that exposes participants of all backgrounds to global rhythms and creative electronic music-making while introducing them to the seamless blend of acoustic and electronic elements present in his own musical practice and discussing the creative process of transforming acoustic musical ideas into the digital realm.

This masterclass moves from a discussion of rhythmic parameters (such as sub-divisions and traditional rhythmic patterns), to using various tech tools to integrate live instruments with electronic sound-design. Furthermore, he will provide instrumentalists, beatmakers, composers and vocalists with creative solutions for integrating their personal aesthetic with electronics. He will highlight working with Ableton Live and various MIDI controllers, live-looping, layering electronic/acoustic sounds, and live-performance strategies. The workshop will get the students involved in playing rhythms, creating spontaneous arrangements, improvising and/or using their own personal devices to make a demo track. This session will be open to questions and comments throughout, and also involve the participants in a discussion on ‘future approaches to making music’.

About the instructor: Sunken Cages is the moniker of drummer/electronic music producer Ravish Momin, who started out as an acoustic drummer and percussionist a couple of decades ago. Momin studied with US Jazz master-drummer Andrew Cyrille. He has worked as a sideman with a wide array of musicians including avant-Jazz legend Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre (AACM/Chicago.) In addition, he has also led his own Jazz/global group Tarana on international stages for the past 14 years.

As Sunken Cages, Momin plays electronic and acoustic drums, and triggers melodies and textures. He also layers loops while manipulating them in real-time to blur the lines between composition and improvisation. While rooted in Indian and Black Music traditions, he is also influenced by the street sounds of underground dance music from Sao Paolo to Durban to Mumbai and beyond.

He is signed to OnTheCorner Records (UK). He has done remixes for renowned global electronic music producers Batida (Portugal) and Guedra Guedra (Morocco). He has recently performed at the prestigious Lincoln Center Outdoors Festival, New York City, Slingshot Festival (Moogfest re-invented) and Festival Congedi in Italy.