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In-person workshop: Introduction to AI image generation

December 3, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Registrations are closed.

In this workshop, participants will will be led through a variety of ways to create images using artificial intelligence (AI). As an introductory workshop, participants do not need to have previous experience in art making or AI use, nor do they need to have any experience with coding.

Participants are encouraged to come with ideas for images to generate. We can work on them in the workshop! All results will be accessible shortly afterwards.

Topics we will explore include (time allowing):

      1.    AI Image Generation Overview
      2.    Prompt Creation
      3.    CLIP Interrogator
      4.    DALL·E
      5.    Midjourney
      6.    Stable Diffusion
      7.    Combination Techniques
      8.    Post Editing Ideas
      9.    Generating Images Together

About the instructor: Jayce Renner grew up in rural Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. They studied sculpture at Kent State University and worked in the technology field. They co-founded the Little Noises series of noise music shows in Cleveland, Ohio. They make electronic music using synthesis and keyboards. Jayce can often be found in the audience at Cleveland music venues.