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In person workshop: Elastic Sound & The Journey of Identity

February 4, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Registrations are closed.

Elastic Sound & The Journey of Identity is a music creation workshop focusing on how music can shift, morph, & change shape during the course of a song, and how it corresponds to how we change, grow & develop as human beings.

With a heavy focus on electronic instruments, the objective of the workshop is to mindfully explore different ways we can take our audiences through an emotionally impactful musical journey over the course of a song through blending of genres, morphing and transforming sounds, & sonic clustering.

We encourage folks to bring their laptops, iPads or anything else they use to make music with, as well as a means to take notes.

NOTE: The workshop can be held simultaneously via Zoom for those who are interested but cannot attend in person.

About the workshop instructor: Jonathan Woods, a Chicago-based artist specializing in film/animation direction and music production, is an enigmatic multi-instrumentalist whose frenetic rainbow eucalyptus sonic explorations have been known to move booties in numerous films, plays and dinner theaters. On occasion he’s been spotted performing at various hipster hangouts such as Elastic Arts, Constellation Chicago & the Reva & David Logan Center with other tuneful rabble-rousers such as Hieroglyphic Being, Angel Bat Dawid, Ben Lamar Gay, and the late composer Saalik Ziyad. His early fascination with both surrealist and African means of expression has fueled a wide variety of unique partnerships and projects for over 30 years. His newest album, “They Shoot Producers Don’t They”, is scheduled for release in 2023 on the Auspice Now label.