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Factory Streams: Live Vids for Covid: thoughtForm

March 26, 2021 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

thoughtForm is the solo electronic instrumental and visual arts project of Max Bajzek. Started in 2015 and based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, thoughtForm aims to create weapons against despair in its experimentation with both novel and reimagined sounds. It does so most commonly through its tribal rhythms, cinematic synths, ambient soundscapes, and wide-ranging visual tie-ins, which include rendered fractals, stop-motion animation, slow-motion examinations, photographs, drawings, and more. thoughtForm is perhaps best known for its use of the unique Linnstrument, a MIDI controller which allows exploration of synthesized sounds in a more human way via its expressive interface.

Factory Streams: Live Vids for Covid is a live-stream concert series featuring experimental, electronic, free jazz, noise, and other genre-bending musicians based in Columbus, OH and elsewhere. All of the performances in the series are streamed from our official Twitch account: twitch.tv/thefusefactory.