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Factory Streams: Live Vids for Covid: Larry Marotta

September 18, 2020 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Free on Twitch

Factory Streams: Live Vids for Covid is a live-stream concert series featuring experimental, electronic, free jazz, noise, and other genre-bending musicians based in Columbus, OH. All of the performances in the series will be streamed from our official Twitch account: twitch.tv/thefusefactory.

Larry Marotta is a guitarist and composer based in Columbus, Ohio. He is best known for his performances of free improvised music that combine his wide range of musical interests, odd sense of humor, and passion for sound as sound. In the past few years, he has performed in Chicago, New York City, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Ann Arbor, Lansing and Miami Beach.

In addition to exploring music on the fringe, he has also played with hip-hop group Poets of Heresy, surf trio Porterhouse, free-form rock band Schtick, and modernist jazz ensemble Honk, Wail and Moan, as well as giving solo concerts of traditional ragtime fingerstyle guitar.