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Factory Streams: Live Vids for Covid: Caleb Miller Octet

December 17, 2021 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The piece being performed for this livestream is titled “I Was Wrong About Most Things To Do With Other People”, Caleb Miller.

How this piece came about, as described by Miller:

“In the fall of 2019, I was very interested in using stated processes as a way of bringing about newness and completion to projects. Certain bands/ projects I had worked on for years (that I absolutely LOVED) seemed to be “fading” and I wanted to not only uncover new bands/concepts, but intentionally find ways of cultivating. For present and future renewal…! This came out in many musical and non-musical ways including but not limited to: driving completely different ways to familiar destinations, composing without a band/project in mind, timing myself on tasks I don’t normally, regularly practicing “presence practices”, not timing myself on tasks I did normally, extremely gradually introducing behavioral changes to natural aversions (whatever they were), sketching in silence, and trying to bike everywhere I could (within reason).

“I Was Wrong” was a piece that came out of a few stated processes I liked. They were:

– write something for a one-time event
– follow-through with something for the sake of it
– work on it for “any length of time,” almost daily, for one month
– choose a “larger” # people I’ve worked with in different projects, but not together

A few days later after plotting this out I was looking at performance spaces with friends Nick Weckman’s and AJ Vanderelli for his “worm opera” Worms Rise Up (https://wormsriseup.bandcamp.com). I came across a space at the arts complex 400 West Rich in Columbus (https://400westrich.com) that I adored. I immediately thought of a musical spark that could fit the stated processes above. I then went home…

Many things had been building to this thought but I wrote down the title “I Was Wrong About Most Things to Do With Other People”. It happened quite quickly but served as more than a place holder. It was true, it is true and probably will still be true in the future. I constantly realize how much everything not only is other people, but leads to other people (whether stated or not). Previous to this time frame I thought of most of my actions as separate from others. During this time frame I started to think of myself/ my efforts as with others. Truly in relation to rather than a “means to an end”. I think I know others, but I generally don’t. I think I understand the people around me but often fail to notice their complexity, richness and subtlety. I started to realize THIS vantage point is where newness can/does come from.

Then I assembled the crew (“group process” check!), picked the winter solstice of 2019 as the date for the perf (“event process” check!) and used the month of September to work on it almost daily (last two processes check!)… Now… Unfortunately, when it finally came time for the event there was an issue with space usage and the event was cancelled… :/// … It then was rescheduled to a similar space for March 14th 2020 (you see where this is going?!?!) and was cancelled again. This time due to COVID… :///…

Fast-forward to Aug 2021 and I finally just decided to book some time at the studio Oranjudio (https://oranjudio.com) in Columbus to make it happen. I thought it was time to just record the damn the thing “no matter what”. All of those who were involved I picked for the simple fact they’re wonderful people I’ve worked with before in different settings, but not together. I am so gosh darn happy this recording is finally done, can’t get cancelled (!!!) and will be out there in the world! Many thanks to everyone involved in the recording, my girlfriend Carolyn, our cat Odessa and the rest of my fam.

I’m still wrong about other people… just in less ridiculous, silly and neurotic ways.”

Members of the Caleb Miller Octet:

Alto Sax: Alex Burgoyne
Trumpet: Lee Tucker
Guitar: Abhilasha Jayanthi
Tenor Sax: Andrew Kovaleski
Bass Trombone: Nick Weckman
Keyboard/Synth/Vox: Caleb Miller
Drum set: Troy Kunkler
Bass: Eric Stratton
Recording: Joey Gurwin/ Oranjudio Studios
Mixing/ Mastering: Caleb Miller/ Very Much Recordings

About Caleb:

Caleb Miller is a keyboardist/ saxophonist/ composer and educator currently residing in Columbus, OH. His work mostly focuses on midwestern perspectives surrounding improvisational-based music and projects. In Columbus Caleb plays and subs in many jazz-adjacent projects (Radarhill, Sun Trash, Waves De Ache, Favorite Daughter, Yumbambe, Ryan Jewell Quintet), songs groups (Keating, Fables, Francis Bacon Band), contemporary classical settings (dance accompanist, classical pianist) and other settings (solo work, TRIM, JNCO and host of the podcast Whatever You Niche). As output he tends to be most interested in productions that show a true synthesis of perspectives, sounds, individuals and communities (striving for some form of “newness”/ “things that are their own”). Caleb also currently operates the Columbus-based recording label Very Much Recordings and teaches in the American public (!) school system.


Factory Streams: Live Vids for Covid is a live-stream concert series featuring experimental, electronic, free jazz, noise, and other genre-bending musicians based in Columbus, OH and elsewhere. All of the performances in the series are streamed from our official Twitch account: twitch.tv/thefusefactory.