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Factory Streams: Live Vids for Covid: beautyofmyland

July 31, 2020 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Free on Twitch

Factory Streams: Live Vids for Covid is a live-stream concert series featuring experimental, electronic, free jazz, noise, and other genre-bending musicians based in Columbus, OH. All of the performances in the series will be streamed from our official Twitch account: twitch.tv/thefusefactory.

Dairdre Scriven has created space for herself and many others to explore the vast possibilities in music, performance, art, and poetry for over 15 yrs. In her world, the struggles and joys experienced creates a beautiful landscape for her to explore, learn, and grow. Because space is not often carved out for the mother that is firm and black, she manages her emotions by carving out expansive space for expression. She believes this is her right. This power gives her strength. In this age of covid19 we all need the power, strength, and comfort of creativity even more. Enjoy, stay strong, and be safe.