Frequency Fridays 2017-2018 Season Schedule

October 2017: Adi Newton (UK) + Joo Won Park/Molly Jones/Alex Koi (Detroit) + Matt Moldover (CA) + Chalet Endure (Jeff Chenault/David Reid (CMH))

November 2017: Tusia Dabrowska (NYC) + Marcia Custer (CLE) + Veronica Pejril (IN) + Bobb Hatt (CMH)

December 2017: Troy Rogers (MN) + Monica Panzarino (NYC) + Will Soderberg (IL) + galen tipton (CMH)

February 2018: Wiktor Podgórski (NYC) + Wasteland Jazz Unit (Jon Lorenz, John Rich (Cincy)) + Valerie Kuehne (PGH) + Sea Tone (Danielle Milam (CMH))

March 2018: Ava Mendoza (NYC) + Kristen Ban Drake (CLE) + Mike Shiflet (CMH) + Istvan Medgyesi (CLE)

April 2018: Tim Kaiser (MN) + Meg Mulhearn/Elisa Faires (NC) + Jen Gelineau (MA) + Jen Powers/TBD (CMH)

May 2018: MV Carbon (NYC) + Lisa Miralia (CLE) + Robert Turman (OH) + Unquiet Slumbers (Brian Werstler/Nathan Andrew Leaflight (CMH))

June 2018: Witches of Malibu (Skott Rusch (CA)) + Ka Baird (NYC) + Tashi Dorji (NC) + Central Inhabitants (Jeff Chenault (CMH))

Frequency Fridays is our monthly series devoted to experimental, improvised, genre-transcending, harder-to-describe music and sound art. While most of our performers incorporate electronic or digital technology into their work in some form or fashion, the series’ primary purpose is widely inclusive: to audaciously expose our audience to sound in all of its cultural manifestations, with explorations of technology as a subtext (albeit as a very important subtext). Our performers are selected based on their intense, unique approach to music and sound; their approach may be rooted in dramatic intensity, humor, specially designed instruments, originality, rawness, and/or borderline superhuman instrumental technique.

Our Frequency Fridays series launched in the fall of 2010, and has been running continuously ever since with the generous support of the Greater Columbus Arts Council. Shows are held at the It Looks Like Its Open gallery the first Friday of every month from October through June (except January), and feature a heady mix of local, regional, and “from afar” performers in various stages of their musical and artistic careers. To see the range of artists we have featured in our Frequency Fridays programming, please check out our series documentation in our gallery.

Frequency Fridays is by invitation only, and heavily curated by our staff, volunteers, and local experimental musicians and collaborators. However, we are always happy to book touring musicians and sound artists for stand-alone performances throughout the year, and it is not unheard of for us to invite performers to take part in Frequency Fridays who we have booked previously as part of a tour. If you have any questions, or if you are a touring artist and would like to perform in Columbus, please contact our executive director via email at Please note that our focus is *entirely* on experimentation (the widening and exploration of possibilities) and improvisation (real-time aesthetic risk-taking, flexibility, and sensitivity)! In other words, we are not interested in popular or mainstream art forms and will not book these kinds of projects.