Michael Perkins

Instructor, Advisory Board member

Michael Perkins is a technologist, musician and philosopher with special interests in logic, the foundations of morality, Buddhist philosophy, discrete mathematics, data science, contemporary jazz, and algorithmic music. He is a graduate of Georgia State University where he studied music and philosophy and The Ohio State University where he studied philosophy and computer science. He completed a Ph.D. in Philosophy at The Ohio State University in 1983.

For 35 years, Michael has developed advanced software systems for some of the world’s leading software vendors. He has designed and implemented special-purpose programming languages, data management tools, application generators, cross-platform networking software, and IT systems management software. Currently, Michael is Chief Scientist for Prosper Technologies, where he designs and implements software systems for integrating, analyzing and visualizing complex sets of data.

Michael is an experienced teacher of philosophy, critical thinking, computer programming and music.

Michael is married to the poet and artist Paula J. Lambert and has five beautiful children.