John Cairns


John Cairns grew up in Willowick, a small suburb on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. John’s family and home environment have always been an important part of the creative process because they gained an appreciation for art, nature, and creativity from their grandmother, Eleanor. Memories of John’s father and mother working in Cleveland’s factories and hospitals awarded a passion for hard work and an understanding that collaboration with industry will lead to opportunities greater than one self. John went on to pursue an education in the Arts and earned an Associate’s degree in Graphic Communication Technologies from Columbus State Community College in 2006, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ohio State University with a focus on Art and Technology in 2010, and a Master of Fine Arts with a concentration on Electronic Art from the University of Cincinnati in 2014. In higher education John earned an appreciation for new media and was drawn to using contemporary technology as material for an artistic practice. Currently John is employed as the Graduate Admissions Counselor and Mentor for Graduate Studies at Columbus College of Art & Design’s Master of Fine Art in Visual Arts: New Projects program and lives in Grove City, OH. John continues to make art and enjoys educating upcoming artists about new media.