Ignition 5 ART-astrophe

Our fifth annual exhibition, Ignition 5.0: ART-astrophe featured new media, digital, and electronic artworks as well as performance and interactive pieces. The exhibition took place Nov 12 2012 through Dec 13 2012 at the Shot Tower Gallery (546 Jack Gibbs Blvd., Columbus OH 43215).

Featured artists included:

Alicia Meredith (Columbus, OH)
Andy Deck (NY, NY)/Transnational Temps Art Collective (various)
Doosung Yoo (Columbus, OH)
Ian Smith-Heisters (San Fran, CA)
James Murray (Chicago, IL)
Jesse England (Pittsburgh, PA)
Jesse Hemminger (Columbus OH)
Kate Shannon (Mansfield, OH)
Lane Hall + Lisa Moline (Milwaukee, WI)
Mark Sniadecki (South Bend, IN)
Paul Wiersbinski (Frankfurt, Germany)
Raphael Arar (LA, CA)
Scott Andrew + Jonathan Armistead (Pittsburgh, PA)
Steve Gurysh + Craig Fahner (Pittsburgh, PA)
Steven Shearer (San Fran, CA)

This exhibition was supported by a Greater Columbus Arts Council BOOST grant and Columbus City Schools.

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