Factory Streams: Live Vids for Covid: Throbbin Williams

Throbbin Williams is the electronic music/noise art solo project of Columbus-based multi-instrumentalist Reggie Purdue. Purdue’s other ventures with collaborator Eli Vazquez (Jah Nada) include noise art project Death Grippos, and recording local projects such as ​Messrs​, ​Terrestrials​, Wild Lemons​, ​Dan Melchior​, ​Torgo​ and ​DANA​. In addition, they also maintained a number of solo releases as well as collaborations with local artists such as Three Scumpany, ​Alien Autopsies Covered in Cathair and the LSD Vending Ensemble​ (also known as VEND) and the ​Jazz/ Noise Collaborative Orchestra​ (JNCO). Purdue’s entire livestream, which he aired on 6/19/20, can be viewed on our YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDSWEBysLy8&t=19s.

Factory Streams: Live Vids for Covid is a live-stream concert series featuring experimental, electronic, free jazz, noise, and other genre-bending musicians based in Columbus, OH. All of the performances in the series will be streamed from our official Twitch account: twitch.tv/thefusefactory.