Date(s) - July 11, 2020
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The Fuse Factory Electronic and Digital Arts Lab

About the workshop
In this workshop, we’ll be learning about how Touchdesigner and Geopix can allow artists to control hundreds or thousands of LED’s to create immersive art installations, special effects for live events, or just a little glambience to set a mood. This self contained class will cover the basics of electronics safety, LED wiring, and system design, and we will get a strong foundation in controlling LED’s from an arduino microcontroller. Then we’ll create a project in Touchdesigner and learn to control LEDs with a computer, opening up a much wider world of possibilities for building LED patterns. We’ll discuss best practices for LED pattern design, as well as some common problems and troubleshooting steps. Finally, we’ll take a brief look at Geopix, an extremely powerful tool for creating large immersive installations with LED fixtures.

This course requires no previous experience, but a passing familiarity with digital art or attending the Intro to Creative Coding With Touchdesigner workshop will be helpful. Attendees are encouraged to bring their ideas to the workshop, and we will discuss ways that Touchdesigner and Geopix can help make those ideas a reality.

About the Instructor
Phil Liddell is the Technical Director for Otherworld.

Workshop fees
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LED Art with Touchdesigner and Geopix
LED Art with Touchdesigner and Geopix
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