Workshop series: Introduction to Programming using JavaScript and p5.js
February 27, 2019 - April 03, 2019

About the workshop
Introduction to Programming is a six-week course that introduces students to basic programming concepts and prepares them for intermediate and advanced programming instruction in Fuse Factory classes and workshops, or elsewhere. Introduction to Programming covers the concepts of types, values, expressions, conditional execution, looping, functions, and data structures. These concepts will be taught using a creative, graphical programming system called p5.js. P5.js, based on Processing, is a JavaScript library that facilitates the creation and manipulation of images and audio in a modern web environment. It is used by artists, designers, and educators to create art, animations, data visualizations, and simulations. It is a lot of fun to work with, and it is often used to teach basic programming concepts.

All course examples and exercises will use the JavaScript programming language. Since all of the concepts discussed apply equally well to other modern programming languages, this course provides a good foundation for the exploration of a variety of programming languages and environments. There are no prerequisites for this course. Students are not be expected to have any prior programming experience. Students should bring their laptops to class. Otherwise, all materials and tools required to complete the course will be provided. The class will meet for six weeks at the following dates and times:

February 27, 7-9pm
March 6, 7-9pm
March 13, 7-9pm
March 20, 7-8pm [note early dismissal!]
March 27, 7-9pm
April 4, 7-9pm

Class time will consist of approximately half lecture and half individual practice. Optional homework assignments will be provided for extra practice.

About the instructors
Michael Perkins, Ph.D. is a technologist, musician and philosopher with special interests in discrete mathematics, data science, and algorithmic music and art. He is a graduate of Georgia State University where he studied music and philosophy and The Ohio State University where he studied philosophy and computer science. He completed a Ph.D. in Philosophy at The Ohio State University in 1983. For 35 years, Michael has developed advanced software systems for some of the world’s leading software vendors. He has designed and implemented special-purpose programming languages, data management tools, application generators, cross-platform networking software, and IT systems management software.

Noah Kumar Wotring is a software developer with experience in JavaScript, Ruby, C# and .Net. Upon graduating from the Ohio State University with a B.A. in Strategic Communications, Noah quickly found himself fascinated with software development. Compelled to learn more about this field incredibly foreign to him, he kickstarted his unorthodox journey into programming with the completion of several coding bootcamps. Now a software developer with Prosper Insights and Analytics, Noah works with data management and visualization systems. In his free time, he can be found honing his programming skills by working on a number of web-based applications.

Workshop fees
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Intro to Programming
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Workshop: Desire/Revile
March 02, 2019

About the workshop
As an interdisciplinary, improvisational performer and workshop facilitator, workshop instructor Lorene Bouboushian is captivated by the underlying motives for any action. In workshops and lab-based environments, often it is assumed that we should follow our “interests” or “intentions,” when in fact our in-the-moment actions are a result not of clear-cut decisions but our relationship to the organism of bodies, room and objects around us colliding with what’s inside us. What do we want and why? What if we derailed ourselves, worked with our own insincerity, faked ourselves out, played tricks? Is it possible to create a realm where as much as possible is valid and nothing is right? Bring comfortable clothes, an object you would like to play with and can share, and writing materials.

About the instructor
Lorene Bouboushian considers their class a powerful way to shift roles of student and facilitator/teacher. Using somatic visualization and exercises as a starting point, we confront our bodies and experience vocalizing as expansive resonance, movement as creature-like transformation, and performance as social disturbance. They create a space for improvisation that is both safe and dangerous: safe for the full expression and observation of the self, and an open portal to express dangerous parts of oneself–the dark, rebellious, and derelict. In this context, they make clear that there are no assumed boundaries or rules, and they instruct as they participate, breaking the barrier between student and teacher.

Their interdisciplinary workshops combine voice, somatic/body based principles for performance, and work with performative objects. They always desire to teach people with a wide range of life practices. They have taught university students in Beirut, Lebanon (NAHNOO), Puebla, Mexico (UDLAP), and University of Kentucky-Lexington, as well as performance artists, singers, theorists, babies, poets, families. Their aim is to create contact points between different kinds of people and experiences, and a temporary sense of community.

This workshop has been developed over three years of their performance workshops taking place in New York, Chicago, Puebla (MX), and Beirut. Recent workshops were produced through University of Kentucky-Lexington, where they were a guest artist, and The Exponential Festival. Past classes were at CLASSCLASSCLASS at the New Museum, as well as the Performancy Forum Quinquennial at Grace Exhibition Space and GET YOUR A$$ IN CLA$$ at Abrons Art Center.

Workshop fees
To reserve a seat in the workshop, please reserve one or more spots by using the link below:

Reservation for one