Annual Exhibition Call for Entries
June 24, 2015 - August 15, 2015

Call For Entries

The Fuse Factory Annual Juried Exhibition 2015
Deadline for Applications: August 15th, 2015

The Fuse Factory Art and Technology Lab is pleased to announce the Call for Entries for the Annual Juried Exhibition 2015: INTERVENTIONS.

The Fuse Factory’s annual juried exhibition presents technology-based new media art and digital arts with hand-on art workshops and lectures, which will take place in the Pearl Conard Art Gallery of The Ohio State University at Mansfield from Friday, September 25th to Thursday, October 29th, 2015.

The exhibition explores the theme of INTERVENTIONS. The exhibition looks for artists’ works regarding: how scientific methodology intervenes between art and science or inversely; how art concepts contribute towards scientific research; how technological interventions create artistic spectacles within the intersection of art and technology; the aesthetic discourses between the natural and technological-“unnatural”; how artists can use technological interventions in which organic things integrate with inorganic mechanical systems and interspecies; and so on.

The Fuse Factory Art and Technology Lab encourages all artists, inventors, and scientists who have creative thinking, innovations, and proposals regarding those issues in art and technology to submit forms of electronic art, interactive installation and interface, performance, 3D modeling and animation, art games, virtual reality, experimental video and moving images, digital imaging, sound art, Internet art, biological art, eco-art, and other emerging forms. Any traditional fine art and films that relate with the theme are welcome and may be accepted.


  • Artworks that were produced before 2013 will not be considered for the entry.
  • Selected artwork must be exhibited during the full month-long exhibition period. However, performative artwork will be scheduled in a specific timeline during the exhibition.

How to Submit
Applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Email your application materials to and include “FFE 2015 APPLICATION_your name” in the subject line.
  • 3-5 images (website links only)
  • Video links (3-minutes-or-less video highlights on YouTube or Vimeo)
  • Short art statement (300-500 words, .pdf file) describing what you propose to exhibit and how your artwork links to the exhibition theme
  • CV
  • One-page (.pdf file) specifying installation requirements and dimensions, and other technical requests
  • Contact details (email, phone, website)
  • PayPal receipt of the entry fee (scanned image or texts from your PayPal Account Overview: 72dpi at 1000px maximum length)
  • If you are student artist – recent class registration in 2014-2015 academic years to prove student status (scanned image: 72dpi at 1000px maximum length) for the discounted entry fee


  • Application deadline: August 15th
  • Announcement for lineup: August 19th
  • Shipped work arrives to the gallery: by Friday, September 18th
  • Hand-delivered works arrive to gallery: Monday, September 21st – Tuesday, September 22nd
  • Installation: Wednesday, September 23rd – Thursday, September 24th
  • Duration of exhibition: Friday, September 25th – Thursday, October 29th
  • Reception and award announcement: Friday, September 25th, 7 pm
  • De-installation: Friday, October 30th – Monday, November 2nd

Entry fees/donations

  • Professional artist (post-MFA or mid-career): $30
  • Student artist (MFA, post-BFA, or BFA): $15
  • PayPal payment (links are below) – Write “FFE 2015 APPLICATION_your name” on the section of Add Special Instructions to the Seller
  • To pay the fee, go to the very bottom of this page and click on the appropriate selection

[note about entry fees: The Fuse Factory is a non-profit art organization, in which all of the art events are made possible by granting organizations and individual donors and sponsors. The entry fees and donations will be thankfully used for honorariums of guest jurors, lecturers, purchasing materials of hand-on workshops, and promotions during the annual juried exhibition period. The Fuse Factory is very willing to make additional artist awards and increase the monetary awards to boost emerging artists if the entry fees amount to more than what is anticipated. Additional donations are very welcome for the Fuse Factory’s art and technology-educational outreach and engagement.


  • The Jurying members will select the best artwork that represents the annual theme, which will receive a small grant of $500 from The Department of Art of The Ohio State University at Mansfield.
  • The Fuse Factory may offer limited packaging costs for a few selected artists (on a case-by-case basis).

Jurying Members

  • Tyler Cann (Associate Curator of Contemporary Art, Columbus Museum of Art)
  • Amy Youngs (Associate professor of Art & Technology, The Ohio State University at Columbus)
  • Dr. Alison Colman (Fuse Factory Founder and Executive Director)
  • Kate Shannon (Associate Professor of Art, The Ohio State University at Mansfield)
  • Doo-Sung Yoo (New media artist and Curator)


  • Topic and Schedule: TBD

For additional information and questions regarding the application, please visit our website: and/or send an email to or

For additional information regarding the Pearl Conard Art Gallery space, please visit or contact

Student artist submission fee
Student artist submission fee

Professional artist submission fee
Professional artist submission fee

Workshop: Ableton Live workshop series part 4: The finished product - how to make and mix a song with Live
August 01, 2015

Instructor: Kevin Kennedy AKA FBK
Workshop fee: $43.50
Series (all four workshops) fee: $165

After learning the basics in the first three parts, the fourth part of the series will focus on making an arrangement-or creating a song from all of your parts in the session view (and turning it into a song that you can play for others). We’ll discuss the two major ways that you can create a song in Ableton Live, and also how the two different working methodologies interact with each other. We’ll cover basic mixing techniques, saving your work, and how to export a song in Ableton…and also how to export ‘stems’ or a ‘loop package’ that could be used to collaborate with others, or for a mixing engineer to mix and master your work elsewhere. This class will focus on using all of the knowledge gained in previous classes to get to the end of the project!

We’ll cover:

  • How to turn your loops and parts into a song
  • How to record a song in real-time and edit later
  • How to ‘draw’ your way to a finished song
  • Clips into tracks, and tracks into recordings
  • Mixing your tracks together to make a good stereo mix
  • How to make Live sound good, and tips to avoid bad mixes
  • Why you’ll never want an external recorder ever again
  • How to save your song and make it a .wav or .aiff file
  • Live’s ‘exporting’ features-and how to send audio files to your collaborator

Workshop attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their own laptops with Ableton Live already installed. No previous experience with electronic music, composition, performance, or Ableton Live is required.

Ableton Live series part 4
Registration for one

Ableton Live workshop series
Registration for one