Performance: Piotr Michalowski + Jason Alder (MI)/Lisa Bella Donna (CMH)/Radarhill (CMH)/Chris Haas (CMH)
July 21, 2017

On the evening of Friday, July 21st we are proud to present experimental contra clarinet duo Jason Alder + Piotr Michalowski (MI), multi-instrumentalist Lisa Bella Donna (CMH), jazz improv quintet Radarhill (CMH), and jazz improviser Chris Haas (CMH). The performance will take place at the It Looks Like Its Open gallery (13 E. Tulane Rd, cmh 43202). Admission: $5. Doors 7:30pm. BYOB, all ages.

About the performers:

Jason Alder and Piotr Michalowski come together for a tour exploring the depths of the clarinet family. Each armed with an arsenal of contralto and contrabass clarinets, these two reknowned improvisers will rattle your subterranean soul.

Always finding himself on the forefront of innovation, (bass) clarinetist Jason Alder is a specialist of contemporary music, improvisation, and electronics. He maintains a busy performing schedule premiering new works of composers solo or with his flute-clarinet Shadanga Duo; performing electro-acoustic improvisations with Sonido 13; touring the world with his psychedelic klezmer-jazz band Payazen!, or playing saxophones in numerous jazz, world, rock, and pop bands. Jason studied clarinet at Michigan State University (BMus- US), bass clarinet at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (BMus- NL), and creative improvisation at the Artez Conservatorium (MMus- NL), as well as post graduate study in the application of the rhythmic principles of South Indian Karnatic music to contemporary Western classical and jazz music at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. He is currently pursuing a PhD at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester (UK) researching the contrabass clarinet. Jason is also the editor of The Clarinet [Online] from the International Clarinet Association. Originally hailingfrom metro Detroit, he has been based in Europe since 2006.

Piotr Michalowski has been collaborating with musicians in Ann Arbor and the Detroit area for over two decades, playing various saxophones and clarinets, from the tiny sopranino sax to the very large contralto and contrabass clarinets. He has worked closely with violinist Mike Khoury, with whom he has made several recordings; the most recent is Close Embrace of the Earth – At the Spirits Rejoice Festival on the Public Eyesore label. At home and on some of his recent travels he has performed with Fred Lonberg-Holm, Vinny Golia, Jon Raskin, Jason Kao Hwang, Andrew Drury, Taylor Ho Bynum, Jack Wright, and Ken Filiano among others. Just last month he played concerts with leading improvisers in Warsaw, Poland and a trio gig in Ann Arbor with the pianist Thollem Thollem. His latest appearance on recordings was on Jason Kao Hwang’s Voice.

Lisa Bella Donna is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, modular synthesist, clinician, all around sonic sorceress. She currently works with EYE, Descendre, Earthquaker Devices, Simone Weißenfels, Scotty Bottcher, Elliot Levin, Juan Alderate, Jamie Stillman, and many musicians and artists all throughout USA and Europe.

Radarhill is a Midwestern-eclectic, Jazz-ish quintet that writes and performs music inspired by the forms, harmonies, and rhythms of a wide variety of genres. We’re trying bridge the gap between the music conservatory and the local dive. Everybody’s music.

Performance: Toby Kaufmann-Buhler (IN) + Sea Tone (CMH) + Owen Hopper (CMH)
July 29, 2017

Sawing Sound (white clip, The Spot Tavern 3/24/17) from Toby Kaufmann-Buhler on Vimeo.

On the evening of Saturday, July 29th we are proud to present sound and video artist Toby Kaufmann-Buhler (IN) Danielle Milam’s solo experimental electronic music project Sea Tone (CMH), and experimental electronic musician Owen Hopper (CMH). The performance will take place at the It Looks Like Its Open gallery (13 E. Tulane Rd, cmh 43202). Admission: $5. Doors 7:30pm. BYOB, all ages.

About the performers:

Toby Kaufmann-Buhler‘s work is grounded in explorations of sensory perception on the one hand, and a kind of structuralist response to his own life and background on the other hand. A main source of inspiration are the methods developed by a number of film, video and media artists beginning in the mid-20th century, which interrogate and explore the burgeoning structure of perception established by the “new media” of cinema, video, television, sound, and more recently of computer-based media.

His current video/sound work is characterized by a “collage-narrative” approach that utilizes video imagery, found media artifacts, sound, and text to produce videos exploring themes and issues related to personal identity and family history. Through this media, his current work mines the material of my own family’s history to explore the complex and often conflicting emotions, stories, and mythologies of my own culture.

Sea Tone is Danielle Milam playing different pc software and synth hardware. This music can be described as experimental electronic for fans of early 2000s laptop glitch sampling and synth noodling.

Owen Hopper is a composer, sound artist, guitarist, and computer programmer based in Columbus, Ohio. His work has most recently taken form in large multi-speaker installation pieces and live, improvised performances involving modular synthesizers and computer systems. He is currently a student at Otterbein University where he studies composition and computer music with Dr. Jennifer Bernard Merkowitz.

Performance: Dane Rousay + Svetlana Zwetkof (TX)/Sun Trash (CMH)/TBD
August 12, 2017

On the evening of Saturday, August 12th we are proud to present free improvisational duo Dane Rousay (percussion) and Svetlana Zwetkof (voice) (TX) and Caleb Miller (keyboard/saxophone/clarinet/electronics) and Nick Weckman’s (trombone/clarinet/voice/electronics) free improv duo Sun Trash (CMH). Additional performers TBD. The performance will take place at the It Looks Like Its Open gallery (13 E. Tulane Rd, cmh 43202). Admission: $5. Doors 7:30pm. BYOB, all ages.

About the performers:

Dane Rousay is a drummer and composer based in San Antonio, Texas. He works mostly by improvising on acoustic drum-kit, looking for exciting or emotional overlaps of rhythm, speed, and texture.

Sun Trash is a free music/ friendship duo of Nick Weckman (clarinet, trombone, voice, loops, uke, trash) and Caleb Miller (sax, MS-20, keys, clarinet, laptop, trash) based in Columbus, OH. We simply strive to make something together.

Workshop (repeat): Introduction to breadboard electronics: Making a low power amp
August 17, 2017

About the workshop
In this class, you will get an introduction to electronic components used in the kit and a rough idea of how they work in the circuit with the use of a breadboard. You will build a low power amp that can be used as a speaker for your favorite tunes or as a guitar amp.

The student will receive a low-power amp kit containing all electronic components, auxiliary cable, adaptor, and 9 volt battery.

The student will learn about the schematics of the breadboard as well as receive information about the schematics of the circuit discussed: low power amp kit. The student will test it out the circuit using the auxiliary cable and adaptor with their phone/music player. A guitar and input cable will be available if a student would like to test their kit as an amplifier. The kit will also contain a piezo where the student can make a contact mic/pick up.

This project will open up electric audio/sound possibilities for a number of applications that include amplifier building and electrifying instruments with a simple pick up. This project will also introduce the student to reading schematic diagrams and using them to build circuits.

About the Instructor
Kevin Cardoso is an analog hacker at heart and this nature has driven him to explore a variety of art forms that include wood, metal, paper, clay, music, and electronics. As a creative arts therapist, he has experience teaching people of various age groups and abilities. He feels that patience and flexibility is an important approach to help people loosen up, learn, engage with the process, and find satisfaction with their work.

Workshop fees
To reserve a seat in the workshop, please register using one of the links below:

Intro to Breadboard Electronics (we keep the kit)
Registration for one
Intro to Breadboard Electronics (you keep the kit)
Registration for one