Workshop: Intro to Pure Data
April 26, 2014

Workshop instructor: Nick Arner
Workshop fee: $35

This workshop will give an introduction to the Pure Data, an open source graphical programming language developed by Miller Puckette in the 1990s for the creation of interactive computer music and multimedia works. Pure Data can be used to quickly create interesting sounds that you can use in sound design or electronic composition, as well as interactive visuals.

Topics covered include:
-Installing and getting started with Pure Data
-Making a basic synthesizer
-User interaction
-GEM and visuals
-PD with other programs
-PD on your phone

Workshop attendees are encouraged to bring their own laptops. If you want to bring your own MIDI controller as well, feel free!

Pure Data Workshop
Registration for one

May Frequency Fridays: HOT DATE + Circuitry Room + C Lavender + Brian Labycz
May 02, 2014

Our May 2014 Frequency Fridays show features experimental guitar/electronics/upright bass duo HOT DATE (NYC), sound artist C Lavender (NY), experimental electronic musician Brian Labycz (CHI), and experimental electronic trio Circuitry Room (CMH). Date: Friday, May 2, 2014. Location: Wild Goose Creative (2491 Summit St. 43202). Admission: $10, $15 for 2. Doors open 8pm. Our Frequency Fridays 2013-2014 season is supported by a grant from the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

About the performers:

HOT DATE is noise duo Shayna Dulberger (upright bass/electronics) and Chris Welcome (guitar/electronics), from Brooklyn NY. In search of the same sound, an upright bass no longer functions in the supporting role and a guitar is not used as a melodic or chordal instrument. An instrument is only a tool used to achieve the whole palette of sounds. All hierarchy of pitch, rhythm and form are abolished. Any structures that occur arise independently and organically. From the highest to lowest frequencies and from the purest tones to the noisiest textures, all are achievable. HOT DATE makes magic by combining hauntingly dark guitar and bass bits together, creating a strange world half in shadows and half in dreams. At times, the sounds come close to sounding human, which makes some tracks extra creepy, but nonetheless captivating.

C. Lavender is an experimental musician & artist who seeks to create a heavily physical experience for the listener through the utilization of various high & low frequency instrumentation. She also performs in the Laundry Room Squelchers, and her choreography/film duo Tanz Praxis. She also volunteers for Pauline Oliveros/The Deep Listening Institute and Free103Point9/Wave Farm.

Brian Labycz is an improviser from Chicago performing primarily on a modular synthesizer. With a central focus on improvisation, his aim is to produce dynamic musical content with electronics in a live setting. The goal is to transcend gadgetry to arrive at a fully realized performance instrument. Working as a soloist and in various group settings he has performed and released work in the US and Japan. He has also organized events in Chicago and abroad and is currently hosting the Myopic Improvised Music Series and the Protest Series at Heaven Gallery.

Circuitry Room
is a think tank for audio exploration. The founding members are Andrew Izold, Jeff Chenault and Dan Rockwell. They have been playing together on and off since 1989. Their combination of old-school electronics and high tech digital applications culminate into a wall of sound that is beyond categorization. Based in Ohio, Circuitry Room seek out new forms of expression while maintaining a dark mischievous edge. Their sound is constantly changing and evolving while their “live” sonic improvisations provide a unique and challenging listening experience.

Workshop: Sound, listening, and meditation
May 03, 2014

Instructor: C Lavender
Class fee: $15

In this workshop participants will learn how to utilize sound & listening into their meditation practices for a deeper engagement with their environment. Sound has been proven to stimulate the body as well as provide a deeper “grounding” effect than classic silent meditation. Participants will get an introductory knowledge of sound & listening meditations as well as some traditional & experimental meditation practice.

Please wear comfortable clothing & be aware that we will be sitting and moving for extended durations. No experience in meditation or music necessary.

About the instructor: C. Lavender is a sound artist and healer based in upstate New York. She is currently receiving certification in Sound Healing and is a Deep Listening ® certificate candidate. She is also a Reiki II practitioner & apprenticing herbalist interested in bringing healing methodologies into the world of sound art and experimental music.

Sound, Listening, and Meditation Workshop
Registration for one

Workshop: Building Homemade Musical Instruments
May 24, 2014

Workshop instructor: Ben Miller (NYC)
Workshop fee: $35 ($42 if you would like to make a marimba, $50 if you would like to make a wood plank electronic guitar)

Benjamin Miller’s Workshop informs students on the basic principal of sound vibration by building a variety of homemade musical instruments. Using books by Bart Hopkins from, he helps attendees understand and build Rubber-band Guitars, Straw Oboes, Bobby Pin Marimbas, PVC flutes, Tin Can Drum Sets, Rice Maracas, various Percussion Mallets, 6-string Wood Plank Guitars, and more. Miller engages discussion on Composition, Open-ended Improvisation and Intuitive Listening. Attendees, Musicians and non-Musicians of All Ages, have Fun creating new sounds and recording them for posterity. Miller also shares his active and diverse musical background over the past four decades.

Building Homemade Musical Instruments
Registration for one

Building Homemade Musical Instruments - Marimba
Registration for one

Building Homemade Musical Instruments - Wood Plank Electric Guitar
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