March 2017 Frequency Fridays: Aaron Dilloway (OH) + Cher Von (KY) + Chalet Endure (CMH) + Mike Shiflet/Jeremy Purser (CMH)
March 03, 2017

Our March 2017 Frequency Fridays show features experimental musician and composer Aaron Dilloway (OH), sound and performance artist Cher Von (KY), Jeff Chenault and David Reed’s experimental/dark ambient project Chalet Endure (CMH), and a duo performance by experimental electric guitarist Mike Shiflet (CMH) and experimental musician Jeremy Purser (CMH). Date: Friday, March 3 2017. Location: It Looks Like It’s Open (13 E. Tulane Rd., 43202). Admission: $10, $15 for 2. Doors open 8pm. BYOB, all ages. Our Frequency Fridays 2016-2017 season is supported by a grant from the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

About the performers:

Aaron Dilloway is an experimental musician born in 1976. He is an improvisor and composer originally from Brighton, Michigan who works with the manipulation of 8-Track tape loops in combination with voice, tape delays and various organic and electronic sound sources. A founding member of the industrial noise group Wolf Eyes (1998 – 2005), Dilloway now resides in Oberlin, OH where he runs Hanson Records and Mailorder.

Cher Von is an avant garde performer who incorporates wordless vocalizations, free movement, and natural found materials into profound performance pieces. Her work draws from such influences as Butoh/expressionist dance, Mary Wigman, Meredith Monk, Shelly Hirsch, and Bobby McFerrin, often serving as an exploration of spiritual and naturalist concepts. Formerly known for looping her voice with a pedal, her artistic focus has shifted into minimalistic, unamplified expression, making great use of silence and pauses. Her instrumentation varies, usually including found drift wood, handmade instruments, even the room itself. Von is embarking on a US tour from 2016 to beyond, traveling from city to city with only one bag, her voice, and open expectations for artistic growth, meeting new collaborators as well as performing in unique sceneries, with and without invitation.

David Reed’s work has a deep, long and dark trail. His numerous recordings and collaborations are legendary. Recording under the name of Lupine, Luasa Raelon and Envenomist, his sound can be extremely dark and challenging. His latest project as Chalet Endure is an ambient collaboration with Jeff Chenault.

Jeff Chenault is a non-musician who has been recording in Columbus since 1983. He is a cassette culture guru who has released music on his Exoteque Music cassette label for just as long. An early pioneer in the Columbus electronic music scene, his many musical projects include 10-Speed Guillotine, Central Inhabitants, Resonance and The Weird Lovemakers. He is a true underground artist who also writes books and releases rare exotica music in his spare time.

Columbus, Ohio-based guitarist Mike Shiflet started Gameboy Records in the late 1990s, releasing limited tapes, 7″s, and CD-Rs by dozens of noise and experimental artists, including John Wiese, Cock E.S.P., Lasse Marhaug, Sudden Infant, and Crank Sturgeon. Shiflet’s myriad recordings and performances explored harsh noise and drone, often focusing on high frequencies. He joined violinist C. Spencer Yeh’s ensemble Burning Star Core in 2004, appearing on several of the group’s recordings, including Operator Dead… Post Abandoned and Papercuts Theater. Shiflet relocated to Japan in 2006, continuing to operate Gameboy Records until 2008, when he moved back to America. He released collaborations and splits with a number of artists, including Aaron Dilloway, Daniel Menche, Keith Fullerton Whitman, and Ryan Jewell, and released a pair of solo albums on Type, 2011′s Sufferers and 2012′s Merciless. He returned to Type in 2015 with his most atmospheric, melodic album to date, Awake, a collaboration with Rhode Island-based High Aura’d.

Jeremy Purser is an Ohio-based artist, designer, and musician. His sound practice is based around iterative processing and imaginary internal spaces. His recent output includes “Levain,” a collection of improvisations with Nathan McLaughlin released by Cabin Floor Esoterica, and “Music for Indoor Cats” a self-released tape of ambient meditations.

A Beginner's Guide to Mitigating Physical and Digital Surveillance
March 11, 2017

About the workshop
Effective surveillance used to be an extremely expensive proposition. What once took a team of professionals and physical access to the spaces that they wished spy upon, can now be achieved with the aid of the very devices we carry on our person and place in our homes. Social media has made it exponentially easier to uncover information that can be used against you in employment, legal, and personal settings. While the type of surveillance NSA surveillance described by Edward Snowden is problematic, in reality all surveillance is local. Adversaries range from federal, state, and local police forces, to corporations, and an increasingly effective group of amateurs.

What can be done to mitigate these threats in both physical and digital spaces? We will navigate the confusing maze of security and safety recommendations and discuss:

- Threat modeling (Different security measures apply for different adversaries)
- Encrypted messaging apps
- Tor & proxy servers
- Two factor authentication (SMS & Yubi Keys)
- Cell phone selection
- Social media monitoring
- Local surveillance occurring in Columbus

This course is designed to be a basic overview of the methods of mitigating physical and digital surveillance designed for activists, students, and other non-IT professionals.

About the Instructor
Ryan Mason studied Security and Intelligence & Criminology at The Ohio State University. He has attended hundreds of hours worth of training conducted by local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in the areas of security, investigations, and intelligence gathering & analysis. Ryan currently holds the designation of certified fraud examiner (CFE). He has held positions in the corporate security divisions of several Fortunate 500 corporations and specializes in complex fraud investigations.

Workshop fees
To reserve a seat in the workshop, please register using one of the links below:

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Surveillance workshop patron price + yubi key
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