Mission:   The Fuse Factory is an art and technology not-for-profit initiative based in Columbus, Ohio. We are focused on cultivating artistic production, research, and experimentation with digital media and electronic tools. Our purpose is to function as an incubator for innovation, interaction, collaboration, critical thought, diversity, and artistic exploration. We also support digital freedom: free expression, security, privacy, creativity, and access to knowledge.

We create opportunities for practical and critical engagement within the nexus of art, visual culture, technology, and new media.

Support: Our Frequency Fridays series and annual exhibition are made possible through the generous support of foundations, granting organizations, and individual donors. Our granters include The Greater Columbus Arts Council, the Ohio Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Columbus Foundation. We have also received support from Founders Factory, Taivara, Big Kitty Labs, the Columbus College of Art & Design, the Ohio State University Department of Art, and the Ohio State University-Mansfield.

  • Educating the next generation, the general public, and creative professionals through hands-on workshops, classes, demonstrations, training sessions and lectures
  • Serving as a conduit between artists experimenting with technology and the community through the hosting of exhibitions, performances, and online information and resources
  • Providing support to emerging and established artists by providing access to equipment and technology, residency programs, and professional development initiatives
  • Partnering with a diverse network of local and national new media and art organizations and businesses